His Powerhouse

“Seeking the lost…Equipping the found”

“Seeking the lost…equipping the found.” That indeed is what we do here at His Powerhouse. We are a Christ centered recovery program. We have been in operation in Lake County Florida since November of 2015. Our goal is to assist men with addiction issues, to walk with them as they overcome their issues, show them how Christ can and will heal them. After completion of His Powerhouse Recovery program it is our desire that these men return to their families and communities with the tools and skills that are pleasing to themselves, their families and more importantly God!

Why His Powerhouse?

I had someone ask me “what is the daily cost of client care?” This posed a problem for me. First, I had not done a calculation to determine this. Second, we have only been open just over a year. But this made me think about the question. Can you put a cost on recovery? What is the industry standard? How are we doing compared to other organizations?

The following are the thoughts I had on this. I can do (and did) a calculation for this and come up with a number that we can compare to others, but will that tell me if we are doing the right thing? It looks like the industry average is $128 per day. Our cost is currently at $35 per day. So how does that compare?

Many have chosen facilities based on food quality, good weather, thread count for the sheets and amenities. So what should you look for in a facility and how much should you pay? Here are the basics: we are a Christian faith based recovery program. Powerhouse is supported by private donations and we don’t have to change our values to accommodate any government guidelines. We offer the same recovery program (teaching materials) that costly programs use, Plus some. We have good weather here in Florida. Powerhouse has licensed counselors that volunteer their time to us. We have a newly remodeled facility that is safe, clean and comfortable. We have a retired coach that donates his time and facility so that we can have an exercise program. Powerhouse offers the extras like a staff that works here because they care, not for the high salary. We offer a Christian atmosphere and attend church and bible studies. We belong to a church that supports the men here without looking down on them. The men from Powerhouse are celebrities at The Cross because the members there celebrate the fact that they have chosen a better path.

So why are other facilities so expensive? They have a highly paid staff. They offer amenities like swimming pools.
It is my opinion that we offer a great free program that can stand against any costly facility. Here is what it really boils down to: you can’t put a price on recovery. If you don’t get your recovery from us, get it somewhere. Look to God for the solution. Do it for yourself, not others.

I will wrap this up with telling you that, God has called us to “Love “others. He didn’t put a price on receiving His love and you cannot put a price on giving your love to others. If we spend thousands of dollars and only have one person recover, then we have done what God asked us to do.

David Douglas
Executive Director
Hand in Hand of Lake County Inc
His Powerhouse Recovery Community

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