Why Volunteer?

In Galations, Chapter 6 verse 10, God calls us to do good to everyone, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Our director, David Douglas, is an avid missionary and has participated in many overseas missions. For all the good that is done on these missions he admits that he does have a selfish reason for doing what he does…the way it makes him feel. God not only calls us to be in relationship with Him He also calls us to be in relationship with each other…and what better way to be in relationship than to give of your time to our brothers and sisters in Christ that are struggling.

Volunteer Testimony – Laurie Bandy

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I have a very sad story to tell and it’s the very reason for my joy today.

My son-in-law, let’s call him Joe, was a homeless, drug addicted, alcoholic. His life was difficult from the start as he felt unloved because his natural parents gave him up for adoption. Joe lived a life of love with his adopted Mom but somehow got on the wrong track and started drinking at a very young age. He met and married my daughter and from the start there marriage was rocky. A beautiful young woman, my granddaughter, came from their union. She was the love of his life and nothing seemed more important to Joe than to take care of his family. Joe thought he would be able to maintain a job and family responsibilities and still drink. I’m not sure when Joe realized that he had a problem. At some point, his drinking turned to drugs, loss of work and stealing money to pay for his habits. The family was shattered and Joe was left without anything….nowhere to go but the streets. Thus began his road to the end. After many years on the streets, the alcohol and drugs finished his life and he died alone, at the young age of 43.

Since then I have moved into a new city, found a new church, met new people and found my purpose in life. I have always liked to help, but on my own terms, when I felt like it. When I joined a ministry at my church, theCross Mount Dora, God decided it was time to look at my past and put me where I could and would love unconditionally. Hand in Hand is just that ministry and from that the Powerhouse Recovery Community was born.

Volunteering has not only become a love for me but spending time with the guys at the Powerhouse has given me a gift to be able to share every time I see them. God has let me understand that loving unconditionally is exactly why I am here, on this earth today. Just giving them a hug, (which is a must) talking, laughing and spending time with them is more rewarding than if I had all the riches of the world. Taking them to the grocery store, sitting with them in Bible study, crying with them at church, working with them at our thrift store, asking other ministries to donate much needed items to their house; the list goes on and on. The greatest gift is to me being able to spend time volunteering (loving) these guys like Jesus loves them.

Joe is in heaven (he had been saved) and is so happy that I finally understand the pain he went through. God knew, through Joe’s life and death, that there was a purpose for my life to turn to joy.

Volunteer Testimony – Allison Long

“I love volunteering for His Power House! I got involved with the organization almost two years ago when Dave Douglas and the Hand in Hand team at theCross were just starting to plan the Longest Speech Ever to raise funds to open the first facility. God led me to volunteer with the event and I bonded with some of the most humble people I have ever met with the biggest servant hearts. After seeing this program take off and witnessing the positive impact it has had on the participants, I have had a passion for His Power House ever since. It has been a blessing to serve this organization with my family, develop an extended church family, and get to know the guys from the house. The men in the program are always willing to jump on board our crazy fundraising events such as entering a cardboard canoe race or lend me a hand with a church decorating project like sanding a coffee table made of pallets. As Christians, we are called to humbly serve one another through love, as Christ served us. Helping His Power House is an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and kindness and encourage one another. Volunteering with this organization has brought me into a deeper relationship with the Lord by learning to put Him and others first. I thank the dedicated volunteers who I have absorbed so much from and consider role models, as well as the men in the program who inspire with their courageousness. Watching the men grow through the program and become leaders is extremely moving. I can’t wait to see where God leads His Power House next! It’s an honor to work with this organization and a privilege to serve Christ.”

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.1 Peter 4:10

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